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Can Team Dragon Deliver on China's Promise

July 28, 2015 by Christopher Atkins

Guangzhou Evergrande's Star Power: Ricardo Goulart
When President Xi Jinping announced broad football reforms earlier this year, the world finally began to latch on to the seriousness of China’s ambitions in the sport, albeit belatedly. To be sure: football endured some dark and tough days in the Middle Kingdom since its 2002 World Cup qualification, but to focus solely on those difficulties is already somewhat out of touch with the current reality of football in China.

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West Asia's Jewel on The Rise

July 22, 2015 by Paul Freelend

Omar Abdulrahman at Al-Ain
Three years ago, the United Arab Emirates were bottom of their group in the third round of 2014 World Cup qualifying. They lost five of their six matches, including against Kuwait and Lebanon, teams the UAE would normally expect to beat. The future looked uncertain; but just as in comedy and life, for UAE football timing is everything.

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After The A-League's First Decade, Australia's Growth Continues

July 16, 2015 by Ryan Steele

Australia is Rising: But What Follows Tim Cahill
Australia built itself on immigration over the last two centuries, with the majority of migrants coming from Europe. With many of these migrants craving sport, football began to grow and became a significant part of Australia’s culture. The first football association in the country, the Commonwealth Football Association, began in 1911 and the first true national league, called the National Soccer League (NSL), began in 1977, inviting clubs from each state.

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