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Strange Football Ramblings From Post Apocalyptic Brazil

July 17, 2014 by Anto

The Procession of Doom
Legends and cliches suffer a long and excruciating death in the world of sport. We hold on to them for some form of existential comfort, a cash reserve of fail-safe altruisms and platitudes that, for all their purported well-meaning, serve as little more than an illusion of competence or possibility which obscures narrow corridors of reality. The narrative itself is a race against time, sexy headlines and deep rooted interests. The strange, the sublime and even the symbolic will conjure up bizarre figures and anointed heroes who every four years endure as evidence for those who rely on them that the theatre of the obvious still has an eject button.

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When Did It All Go Right At Atlético Madrid?

May 10, 2014 by Bernard Niven

Atleti Got It Right
The last time the Spanish capital’s “other” club travelled to Chelsea in the Champions League, as they will at the end of this month for the second leg of a semi-final, they wound up on the wrong end of a 4-0 tonking. That was in the 2009 group stages. “Are ‘madhouse’ Atlético Madrid the worst run club in Europe?” ran the headline on a subsequent article in Britain’s Guardian newspaper by its estimable Spanish football correspondent, Sid Lowe, who wrote of, “A club that lurches clumsily from crisis to crisis, at war with itself ... where the players hate the sporting director, the fans hate the players and the feeling is mutual; where footballers arrive and depart by the busload ... and the debt tops €300m (£271m). Atlético Madrid must be the only place where the owners have been convicted of fraud – against their own club.”

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Why Always Mario: Be Careful When Asking Him

April 27, 2014 by Anto

SuperMario and Seedorf
Not so long ago, Mario Balotelli was heralded as the best thing that happened to AC Milan since Silvio Berlusconi acquired the taste for Dutchmen and silverware. Given both of those things are held in an odd form of retro-abundance - as history and nostalgia are precisely what most Milanisti are left to hold on to these days - the ongoing intrigue surrounding Milan's star attraction has sparked all forms of random gibberish which enrages the wrong people and turns even the right ones into a loosely aligned political party that teeters between an ongoing and bizarre test of faith or the sense that any dissenting opinion must be proven incorrect, no matter the evidence at hand.

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