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Beyond The Pitch - Barry Glendenning

Friday, August 05, 2011


Phil and Anto are joined by hugely popular Guardian writer and commentator Barry Glendenning to have a chat on many of the popular talking points in the English game including the ongoing saga that is Mario Balotelli and how he has been criticized is nothing more than sheer nonsense. We also get into those elements of the club supporter and commentary culture that has lost their sense of humor and passion for entertainment when they watch their football. That also leads in turn to the issue of Joey Barton who seems to be another flashpoint for football fan outrage based entirely on his problematic history with anger problems, but has largely become far more tame since arriving at Newcastle. Barry covers all the history of Joey Barton and offers a defense for the midfielder including his most famous incidents, We also get into the favorites of the league to consider whether Manchester United and Manchester City may be fighting it out in the end based on the comings and goings across the EPL this closed season. We take a look at Liverpool to try and gauge if the expectations are higher than what the club has on paper. Then we turn our attention to Arsenal itself to consider whether the club has punched above its weight for far too long and if this reality may indeed come home to roost this season. We cover many of the strange transfers this offseason including Cameron Jerome and whether the situation at Manchester City is indeed manageable for Roberto Mancini. In the end we close on the matter of the Premier League and what it has become in recent seasons given the nature of the talent pool and what seems to be an absence of a truly power club in the English top flight.

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