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Damian Collins

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Anto is joined by MP Damian Collins who represents the Folkestone and Hythe constituency in British Parliament and its House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport to have a conversation into the matters of governance of English football and the ongoing saga with respect to Sepp Blatter and FIFA in the wake of two controversial World Cup bids awarded for 2018 and 2022. We look back at the evidence placed before his committee by Lord Triesman nearly a year ago and what we have begun to learn as more information and public statements by Jack Warner have gone on to confirm many of the allegations raised. We also look into the matter of the Football Governance process that has begun to address the business of football and potential for real legislation to meet the modern challenges of a massive industry which is Premier League and top flight football. We discuss some of the dangers to the game if transparency is not pushed upon football clubs, how real substantive change will address the real local threats to surrounding businesses and tax revenues should the situation not be reformed intrinsically and how risk in this new global financial reality could have tragic consequences. Then we return to the matter of FIFA and Sepp Blatter and how there has actually been more talk than action in the past year with respect to reform and responding to allegations involving the potential for real corruption of the sport at its highest levels. We dig back into the allegations raised by Lord Triesman both in terms of direct quote and what MP Collins thinks needs to happen in terms of actual transparency for the FIFA Ethics Committee and who out there could step into the breach as leader of world football once Blatter finally moves on and the organization begins the important work of restoring its public credibility.

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