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Inside MLS - Ives Galarcep Nov 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inside MLS - Ives Galarcep Nov 2012


Anto and Nico are back with another edition of Inside MLS with Ives Galarcep of SoccerByIves to take a look at the buildup to the Houston Dynamo-Los Angeles Galaxy rematch starting with a look at the underdog side led by the remarkable Dominic Kinnear who has done another masterful job in assembling this team to take another shot at an MLS Cup Final with some very important players who might now be able to put the pressure on Los Angeles that was missing a year ago. We evaluate where Kinnear himself fits into the scheme of the top coaches in the short history of Major League Soccer and later in the episode we track some of the key factors that had to be overcome at an organizational level, displaying once again why Houston might just be the model franchise in this league. Also discussed here is the announcement of the departure of David Beckham from MLS and we evaluate what his impact was and whether he delivered during his stay in America and whether everybody won in this deal including the league, the club and Beckham himself. We also examine the evolving future for the Western Conference as both Seattle and Salt Lake will have big questions to answer themselves and will regret not taking this opportunity to knock out Los Angeles given that changes are sure to come given age, performance and salary considerations. Also examined here is the Conor Casey release from Colorado Rapids and where he could land this off-season, several coaching changes which reveal how some organizations continue to look beyond the borders for coaching talent in a league that still has some very unique rules and whether that is the right idea. In focus also is the evolving statements by the New York Red Bulls braintrust on the arrival of a second team in the New York marketplace with the Cosmos and whether the intentions of the league and Don Garber can be overcome as well as the announcement of a new professional league at the behest of US Soccer for the womens game, which appears to be set up next March/April 2013 with teams in Boston, New Jersey, Western New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle and Portland. We evaluate whether the introduction of federations sponsored players and a third shot at the league can work and whether there is the kind of marketplace - even in Mexico, where the sport is king - to support this league. We also discuss the hunting season about the MLS playoff format that is now going on and whether the system is as flawed as some think it is given that a fourth and fifth seed have reached the final, and whether Houston and Los Angeles would have reached the final anyway given their track record, coaches and ability to conquer elimination football as dictated by their performances. We break down how the rematch was a battle to set up all season, and why Houston and Los Angeles are here in the final, one team which reset in the summer window with some very smart moves and the other which was the best team in MLS since that same window. We consider one of the past options as a potential solution to further punish underdogs in the playoffs, but at the end of the day the best usually does rise to the top, which has happened yet again in 2012.

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