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AFCON 2013: Predictions

Friday, January 18, 2013

AFCON 2013: Predictions


Part two of the AFCON 2013 preview takes a look at each of the groups to look for match-ups, favorites, players who could catch fire and offer some predictions as to who could shake things up much like we saw a year ago when Zambia took home the trophy. Anto is joined by Ed Aarons once again, contributor to the BBC, The Sun and The Independent and always has some great insights in the African game. There are clear favorites, but there will always be those surprises and they will reveal themselves in several unheralded national teams in the form of Cape Verde, DR Congo, Algeria and maybe a bold deep challenge yet again by Mali. At the core of the discussion is three teams from North Africa, all of them with their weaknesses but seem poised to challenge each of their groups and could make some noise should they reach the knockout rounds. We examine the potential for the glamour match-up denied at year ago in Ivory Coast-Ghana, look for emerging stars that many have to see and even predict a couple of dark horse candidates should the favorites not break through again. This might be the swan song for Didier Drogba, but there are several key players who could shape 2013. In major talking points we look at Nigeria and some curious decisions with their roster, the upward trajectory for DR Congo, the real threat from Algeria and whether Tunisia can build on its success a year ago when they took Ghana to extra time in the quarterfinals. Expect the unexpected in South Africa and we will check back to see whether these predictions were correct.

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