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Dion Dublin - The Dube

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dion Dublin - The Dube


Former Manchester United, Norwich City and Aston Villa striker Dian Dublin joins the show to explain the next exciting phase of his life as the inventor of a musical instrument called The Dube, which he has brought to The NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center, one of the largest music product trade shows in the world and what went into its development. Dion gives us all the background on his new musical invention, how it came about, the many musicians including Stevie Wonder who have adopted it and endorse it and what his future plans are for marketing this percussive instrument. We also have the opportunity to dig back into his very rich career from his early days at Cambridge United and then to Old Trafford when Sir Alex Ferguson came calling and how his star crossed fortune paved the way for the arrival of Eric Cantona at a key juncture in club history just before the run of trophies began and gave birth to an era of dominance in football. Dion shares how he was recruited, why Manchester United won the battle for his services and even a look at Norwich today and whether Chris Hughton can guide the Canaries to the more difficult task of second year survival in the Premier League. We also examine the history of two devastating injuries that almost completely derailed his playing career, a broken leg against Crystal Palace after a tackle by Eric Young and a more serious neck injury that could have been life-altering and ultimately did not end his career while at Aston Villa. But this is a story as much about his passion for music as it is a love for football and Dion explains what has been behind bringing The Dube to life, production and wide-scale distribution. Check his thoughts on the defenders of his day, who was the toughest centre back he ever faced and his thoughts on Wilfried Zaha who appears headed to Old Trafford during this transfer window. The Dube is a stylish cube percussion instrument which comes in four sizes and can be totally customised in colour schemes and tones, ideal for musicians, in schools, even DJ sets, the list is endless. Musicians and drummers including Courtney Pine and Thomas Lang to name but two have trialled this instrument and recommend it.

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