About Beyond The Pitch

What is Beyond The Pitch?

Our mission.

Beyond The Pitch is a football/soccer digital media presentation that has dedicated itself to covering the Beautiful Game from numerous points of view. We not only provide our views on the game, but also seek out industry experts to offer their unique perspectives. Our goal is to provide our numerous voices of analysis and deliver fresh new perspectives about not just the matches and clubs, but the bigger picture of the sport as a whole. Now, more than ever, the Global Game is about managers and tactics – both before and during the matches. BTP looks at how the games were won and lost tactically by the players and the decisions of their managers.

Our commitment.

If you seriously love football and wish to put all the tribalism aside to engage in the issues affecting this great game — this Beautiful Game — then we are your destination for some of the freshest and most original programming available on the Internet. We’ll keep the commentary straight down the middle, examine all sides of an issue and we won’t ever resort to cookie-cutter opinions or base stereotypes.

Beyond the Pitch is what it says it is, it covers every football related issue on and off the pitch. If it’s happening in football, we’re talking about and we’re talking about it to the professionals within the game whose job it is to know. Every week will see a variety of topics that will make this program a must from your browser or your iPod.

This broadcast is available free to our listeners and we especially love to hear from you. Is there an issue In the game that you would like to see covered? Just drop a line to us and we will personally respond and do everything we can to assist.